ver 3.0

Release BETA 05 Feb 2024
(for Personal users, iOS and Web)


Available BETA on the App Store from 5 February 2024

Easier than your regular banking app


Do you still believe that money you keep in bank or crypto exchange belongs to you?

In Kauri we are focused on keeping your money safe and… actually YOURS!

That's why we combined decentralized money storage for extra safety and centralized banking services for everyday easy use.

Trust yourself and keep your keys from your wallet to yourself

Non-custodial wallet

Only you have access to your crypto with our Web3 Wallet. Safer to deposit, easier to use!

Best from classic banking

Cards powered by Mastercard. Add to Apple or Google Pay easily. Fully crypto friendly.

Web and Mobile Apps

Like your banking app but way better: smart, simple, user-friendly, and seamless.

Favorable cost for high-level services

We have one of the lowest fees on the market. E.g. with our Web3 Wallet we charge no more than the blockchain commission for basic transactions.

Decentralized for safety and centralized for everyday use.


Web3 Wallet

Gain exclusive control of your assets with our non-custodial wallet.

Payment Card

Use crypto as regular cash with our crypto-friendly cards. Powered by Mastercard.


EUR and USD Accounts

Use platform accounts for SWIFT, SEPA, SEPA Instant transfers.

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From anywhere to anywhere. Just one order for any operation on Kauri. We're here to simplify crypto exchanges for you!

Web3 Passport

Leverage Web3 benefits for your business. Divide roles within the company, set up transactions and sign them from your wallet.


How to become a KAURI member

  • Register

    You'll need: 2 minutes and your phone or laptop.

  • Verify it's you

    You'll need: 5 minutes, passport or ID, proof of address.

  • Set your wallet up and create a seed phrase

    You'll need: 3 minutes and a secure place to store printed document or PDF file. An essential step for safeguarding your funds.

  • Order a card

    You'll need: 1 minute to choose the card you want and click 'Order'.

  • Upload card to Apple or Google Pay

    You'll need: 1 second and a good mood.

Why choose Kauri?

Trust and Safety

We prioritize your safety. The Kauri Finance has been licensed in the EU since 2018 and is backed by industry-leading security measures

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    Estonian VASP license updated in 2023

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    Cards security powered by Mastercard

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    PCI DSS certification