All Types of Transactions in One Order

Receive BTC and transfer it in EURO to your IBAN with just one Swap Order. Can you believe it?

Just Take a Look at the magic of Swap Order


True story from our client


Martin expects to receive 200 USDT from his friend Eric. After that he plans to convert USDT into euro and send it to his IBAN. What if all those steps were just one?


With Kauri Swap Order these transactions will be combined into one easy step for Martin.


In 5 minutes after Eric sent 200 USDT, Martin received the equivalent in euro to his bank account. Looks like magic but that is just Swap Order!


Trust and Safety

We prioritize your safety. The Kauri Finance has been licensed in the EU since 2018 and is backed by industry-leading security measures

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    Estonian VASP license updated in 2023

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    Cards security powered by Mastercard

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    PCI DSS certification