Kauri Crypto Card for those who live in the world of crypto

Because 1 BTC will always be worth 1 BTC


Pay in any cryptocurrency with immediate conversion into euro.

Key Benefits

Fast Activation

Three. Two... Ok, your card is ready to use.

Low Fees

Enjoy the convenience of low fees, including a 10 Euro card opening cost and only 1 Euro per month maintenance fee.


Swap or buy cryptocurrencies in seconds with our intuitive Swap Order tool.

Track everything

Get the full info about every move of your card in Kauri App or in personal cabinet on website.

Send crypto to another card with 0 fee

Transfer crypto to another Kauri Member's crypto card free of charge.

Immediate transactions

You won't even notice the difference compared to your regular bank card.

Additional custodial wallet

This custodial wallet is created together with your card account and is used exclusively to store crypto you plan to use for payments.


As a monthly transaction limit.


Open the card in our app or on the website, connect it to Apple Pay and use it like any other card in your wallet!



0 fee to top up the card account
1% fee for currency conversion into the payment's currency
3 months with no maintenance fee and then 5 USDT per month
10 USDT to open Kauri Crypto Card

* At the time of beta testing, rates may differ from those indicated.

Payments with Crypto Card

Unlock the full potential of seamless financial services integration with crypto.

Pay with crypto easily

for products and services, just like you would do it with your regular bank card.

Easily withdraw cash from any ATM

Top up with crypto and withdraw in euro in any ATM.

Order a plastic card

Obtain a personalized physical card for 20 USDT whenever you need. We'll deliver it right to your doorstep.

Trust and Safety

We prioritize your safety. The Kauri Finance has been licensed in the EU since 2018 and is backed by industry-leading security measures

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    Estonian VASP license updated in 2023

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    Cards security powered by Mastercard

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    PCI DSS certification