Salary Project

Open accounts for your employees and disburse salaries through any convenient method.


Benefits for Employees

Non-custodial wallet

Only you have access to your crypto with our Web3 Wallet. Safer to deposit, easier to use!

Payment Card in Euro or Crypto

Cards powered by Mastercard. Add to Apple or Google Pay easily. Fully crypto-friendly.

Web and Mobile Apps

Like your banking app but way better: smart, simple, user-friendly, and seamless.

Favorable cost for high-level services

We have one of the lowest fees on the market. E.g. with our Web3 Wallet we charge no more than the blockchain commission for basic transactions.

Benefits for Businesses
Cost Savings
Reduced transaction fees compared to traditional banking methods.
Global Talent Acquisition
Borderless payments facilitate international hiring without the need for complex banking processes.
Enhanced Security
Secure transactions protect against fraud and unauthorized access enhanced with non-custodial wallets.
Employee Experience
User-friendly interface for employees to view and manage their crypto salaries.
Payroll Management
Input employee salary details through an intuitive dashboard.
Easy Onboarding Process
Our support team will guide you through all the stages of registration, both for your company and your employees.

Getting Started with Salary Project

Kauri Salary Project is not just a solution; it's a strategic investment in the future of your business. For further details or to initiate the implementation of Salary Project in your organization, please contact our dedicated team.

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