Crypto Processing

Start accepting cryptocurrency payments today to increase your customer base and reduce payment processing costs by up to 60% in commissions.


Payments in crypto


The business receives funds in fiat directly into its account, alleviating concerns about crypto price fluctuations.


The service is based on a non-custodial wallet, ensuring that users have control and ownership of their funds.


Accepting payments in the TOP 10 blockchains, providing a versatile and comprehensive approach to cryptocurrency transactions.

Key Advantages

Fast transactionsCryptocurrency is transferred directly to the recipient without intermediaries.
Transparency of fund originCrypto Processing allows businesses to conduct faster and more efficient cross-border transactions. This is particularly advantageous for industries requiring rapid and secure fund transfers.
Access to New MarketsAccepting cryptocurrency payments helps expand the customer base and increase profits.
Reduced Transaction CostsCryptocurrency transactions have lower fees compared to traditional payments.
Enhanced SecurityFraud payments are completely eliminated.


Generate and send invoices to your customers directly from your personal cabinet.


Why choose us?


Quick and seamless API integration


Wide geographic coverage


0.8% commission or less


No max limit on deposit/transaction


Auto conversion to fiat (EUR/USD)


No currency risks with a fixed exchange rate for 15 minutes


Branding of the merchant's company


Email/Telegram notifications for about invoices or payments

How does the crypto payment process look?

  • Proceeding to payment

    The buyer of goods or services initiates a payment request. Kauri Finance automatically generates an invoice and sends it to the buyer.

  • Choosing currency

    On the payment page, the buyer selects a currency (BTC, ETH, EUR, USD, UAH, etc.). Regardless of the currency chosen by the buyer, the merchant will receive to his wallet the currency he specified in the invoice.

  • Exchange rates fixation

    Kauri Finance locks in the exchange rate for 15 minutes, minimizing the risks of exchange rate volatility for the merchant.

  • Payment confirmation

    The transaction will only be confirmed once the merchant has received the money to his wallet.

  • Receiving payment

    The payment amount is reflected in the merchant's account balance with the payment destination labeled as 'Reimbursement for operations of receiving funds…', i.e. as an e-com transaction.

Integration process

RegistrationFill out the form on the website.
ConfirmationReceive a registration confirmation ID by email.
Personal ManagerContact your assigned personal manager for assistance with business account setup.
VerificationSubmit of KYC (Know Your Customer) documents.
Tech IntegrationGenerate API keys tailored to the specific API integration type (invoicing, deposit, terminal, e-commerce).

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