What is WalletConnect?

Connecting Your Wallet Made Easy with WalletConnect. Discover how WalletConnect bridges your wallet to the world of decentralized applications, simplifying access and transactions. Learn the ins and outs at Kauri Academy.
Written by Keti Tevzadze
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02 May 2024

The growing interest in financial transactions and entertainment on the blockchain network requires innovative solutions that provide a smooth and secure connection between digital wallets and applications. In this context, WalletConnect acts as a bridge connecting mobile wallets to the world of dApps, simplifying access and transactions for users at all levels.

WalletConnect is an open protocol that allows mobile wallets to be securely connected to a variety of dApps via QR code scanning, providing an end-to-end encrypted connection. This solution allows users to sign transactions and interact with dApps without compromising the security of their keys and digital assets.

What is WalletConnect?

WalletConnect is an open protocol designed to establish a secure connection between mobile wallets and decentralized applications (dApps) over the Internet. The basic idea behind WalletConnect is to allow users to easily connect their wallet to any dApp on different devices without risking the security of their private keys.

  • This protocol works like this: the user scans the QR code provided by the dApp with their mobile wallet. This action creates a secure connection between the wallet and the app, allowing the user to confirm transactions and interact with the dApp directly from the mobile device. The entire process takes place without the need to share private keys or other sensitive data.

The development of WalletConnect was motivated by the desire to simplify the interaction between users and blockchain networks, making it more intuitive and accessible. The protocol supports multiple blockchain networks and wallets, making it a universal tool for the entire crypto community.

Using WalletConnect goes beyond just confirming transactions. It also allows users to securely interact with various dApps features such as games, financial services, and social platforms, providing a complete decentralized application experience.

How does WalletConnect work?

The WalletConnect process begins when a user wishes to connect their mobile wallet to a decentralized application (dApp). This process is done in a secure and convenient way using the following steps:

  • QR Code Generation: The decentralized app generates a QR code that contains information to establish a connection between the user's wallet and the app.
  • Scanning the QR code: The user scans this QR code with the mobile wallet. This action initiates a request to establish a connection between the wallet and the dApp.
  • Establishing a connection: After scanning the QR code, a secure connection is established via WalletConnect. This connection uses cryptographically secure methods to ensure the privacy of the user's data.
  • Transaction Confirmation: Once the connection is established, the user can confirm transactions and interact with the dApp directly from their mobile wallet. All communication between the wallet and the app takes place through a secure WalletConnect connection, eliminating the need to divulge private keys or other sensitive information.
  • Session Termination: Users can securely disconnect the connection between their wallet and the dApp at any time by terminating the WalletConnectsession.

The benefits of using WalletConnect include increased security, as the private keys remain on the user's device and are not transmitted to the Internet. The protocol also offers ease of use, as users can easily manage their assets and interact with various dApps without leaving their wallet.

WalletConnect SDK

WalletConnect offers developers a set of tools to integrate their applications with mobile wallets via the WalletConnect protocol. The SDK (Software Development Kit) includes the following components:

  • Web3 Modal: Simplifies the connection of a dApp to various wallets. It is a universal wallet connection library essential for any dApp developer.
  • Web3 Wallet:Designed for wallet developers, it allows you to easily connect your wallet to dApps, providing easy connection and management.
  • Web3 Inbox:A tool for integrating Web3 notification features into apps, so users don't miss important notifications.

These SDKs provide flexibility and scalability when developing dApps and mobile wallets, simplifying the integration process and providing users with a seamless experience when interacting with decentralized applications.

WalletConnect Cloud and Explorer

  • WalletConnect Cloud: is a service exclusively for developers that is used for project management and research. It allows you to create, manage, and view project analytics, as well as apply for project inclusion in WalletConnect Explorer for user discovery.
  • WalletConnect Explorer: It is a tool that allows users to search for applications and wallets that support WalletConnect. For developers, the Explorer API offers functionality such as:
  • Listings: Provides retrieval of lists of wallets and dApps registered in Explorer WalletConnect.
  • Logos:Provides logo assets of various sizes for entries in Explorer Cloud.

All of these tools provide developers with powerful tools to promote and integrate their projects into the WalletConnect ecosystem, and allow users to easily find and use supported applications and wallets, providing the convenience and accessibility of decentralized applications.

Advanced use of WalletConnect

The WalletConnect protocol offers advanced features for those who seek to use it not only for standard connection of wallets to dApps, but also for more complex interaction scenarios:

  • Multi-Chain Support: WalletConnect is built with multi-chain architecture in mind, using the CAIP-25 standard to standardize the process of integrating new blockchains into the ecosystem. This allows developers to easily adapt their applications to work with different blockchains.
  • Providers: WalletConnect supports different types of providers for interoperability, including EthereumProvider to work with Ethereum-compliant networks and UniversalProvider to work with any CAIP-25 compliant blockchain.

These advanced features enable developers to create flexible and scalable solutions for a wide range of applications supporting decentralized finance, gaming, social networking and more, while providing a high level of security and user experience.

WalletConnectModal for advanced use cases

WalletConnectModal is designed for developers who need specialized wallet connectivity solutions beyond the standard Web3Modal features. This component offers a simple user interface for advanced connection management scripts and the WalletConnect API. WalletConnectModal features include:

  • Platform support: Web, iOS, Android, Flutter, React Native, C#.
  • Compatibility: EthereumProvider and UniversalProvider.

Easy integration for developers who want to manage connection and authentication processes themselves.

WalletConnectModal is recommended for use in situations where special flexibility in connection management is required, such as when creating complex multi-level authentication systems or when additional control over the wallet interaction process is needed. This tool allows developers to fine-tune the connection process, providing users with an even more secure and convenient way to interact with decentralized applications.


With its open architecture, multi-chain support and a wide range of SDKs, WalletConnect opens new horizons for developers and users to create and use decentralized applications.

For developers, WalletConnect offers flexible tools to integrate with different blockchains and platforms, simplifying the process of creating decentralized applications and services. For users, WalletConnect guarantees a high level of security and easy access to a wide range of dApps, empowering them to manage and utilize their digital assets.

We at Kauri Finance encourage all developers and users to familiarize themselves with the capabilities of WalletConnect and start using this protocol to expand their interaction with the decentralized world. Connecting your wallet to the world of dApps has never been easier and more secure. Join the revolution in the digital asset ecosystem with WalletConnect and learn all the innovations of the crypto world at Kauri Academy!

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